Our main company philosophy is geared towards maintaining a close working relationship with all of our suppliers. This has led to interesting working partnership agreements ranging from products designed exclusively for bormarket to being given exclusivity for certain products/brands representation in the spanish market.

Our customers trust us and feel that they can come to us with their needs and concerns. Our large, widely-spread customer base has enabled us to develop our marketing strategy to include the five continents of the world.

Whether they be local distributors, catering firms, buying groups, small food outlets, large supermarkets or big industrial players, each customer comes to us with their own specific and varied needs to be attended to.

And it is precicely this diversity of our customers’ requirements that has meant that we always offer a professional but personal service. Also, this has meant that we are an ideal choice, in the eyes of our suppliers, for solving their global marketing needs.

Trust in bormarket. We can give you unique solutions to meet your needs.